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Physiotherapy in the City of London at 5 Aldermanbury Square

Looking for a physio in the city of London?

Our physiotherapy service in 5 Aldermanbury Square is conveniently located in the City of London’s thriving financial district, within easy walking distance of Moorgate, St Paul’s and Liverpool Street stations.

Because our clinic here is based in a corporate building, our physiotherapist here is very familiar with common injuries that are linked to the workplace. Offering a fully-equipped practice, we see a full range of sport and work-related issues.

A fully equipped physio practice in the city

The working environment – and particularly the set-up of your workstation – can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to move properly. When you add into that mix day to day activities such as walking the dog, doing marathons or triathlons or just digging the garden and mowing the lawn, small problems can quickly lead to bigger and more painful issues developing.

Knowing how the various demands conspire to impact on your body and reduce its ability to perform at its best allows our physiotherapy team to offer tailor-made treatment that helps to get you back on the road to recovery faster.

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Personalised recovery plans & support

As with all our physiotherapy treatments, you’ll not only get a professional and personalised plan to help treat the symptoms you have now, but you’ll also receive help and guidance and a programme of exercises that will help you to stay pain and injury-free long after you stop coming for sessions with us.

If you are a BNP Paribas employee or work within 5 Aldermanbury Square, book in now and see how we can help put you back at the top of your game – whether that’s at work or at play.

Benefits of our London city physio clinic

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Easy to get to and conveniently located for city workers
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City of London's highest reviewed physiotherapy clinic
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Morning, lunchtime and after work appointments available

London city physiotherapy

Our experienced physiotherapists work alongside you, to meet every aspect of your health or training goals.

We are experienced, we’re effective and we can do minimum fuss. We can even do it at a price that won’t make your eyes water. And depending on your definition of ‘quick’, we can usually expect to relieve your pain quickly.

London city physiotherapy FAQs

How much does a physiotherapy session cost in your city of London clinic?

For your first session at 5 Aldermanbury Square, the cost will be £115. Here you will get a firm diagnosis of your injury. You’ll understand a guide time frame for your recovery and we will provide you with a treatment plan of what each session will entail. Within that session you’ll receive your first treatment, so you’ll leave feeling better. Your follow up session is £82 and we get stuck into treatment straight away.

How long does a physiotherapy session last?

Your first session is 45mins and your follow up is 30mins. We do also offer 60min sessions in the city of London physio clinic, should you need.

How quickly does physiotherapy work?

Getting results from physio all depends on the extent of your injury and severity of your symptoms. Your recovery has many variables, we try to highlight these and address them head on. You will be given a prognosis after your first session, so at all times you will be aware of a time frame of recovery.

How do you know if you need physical therapy?

It isn’t always obvious that you need physiotherapy. Especially if you haven’t seen a physio before. So how do you know you need it? Did Google tell me? Did my friend mention I should go? Or did your GP refer you?

What should I expect at my first physical therapy session?

On your first session of physical therapy you meet your physiotherapist who will ask you a few questions, their aim is to understand what has potentially caused your injury. These questions will guide the next part of the assessment where we assess the injured part of the body and provide you with a diagnosis. The first session will end with treatment, so you leave feeling better and fully understand the treatment plan.

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