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At West 1 Health, we know that life can be tough on a woman’s body, particularly during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Childbirth can lead to pelvic floor issues, which can be a source of embarrassment for many women. But those potentially embarrassing conditions aren’t limited to new mums – urine incontinence issues can affect all women.

We only employ specialist female urinary dysfunction practitioners, so you’ll feel completely comfortable discussing personal symptoms and rehabilitation plans with an expert.

Our women’s health care is simple, straightforward and designed to make things as easy as possible for you.

Benefits of women's health and wellness

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Work with experienced women's health experts
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Develop custom treatment plans designed for you
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Advice and reassurance to keep you on the right track

Your women's health assessment

Before you come to your first session, we’ll send you a bladder diary to complete, which will help your physiotherapist to guide your treatment. At your first appointment the Physiotherapist will ask you questions about your symptoms and medical history and will also carry out a digital examination of your perineum in order to assess muscle strength and your awareness of activating the pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor exercises will then be prescribed based on the assessment and your fitness goals.

What do I wear to the appointment?

No specific clothing is required for your first session, but we do recommend wearing something comfortable, such as tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a t-shirt. In order carry out the examination you will need to undress your lower body. Your privacy is important to us and you’ll be given time to do this behind a screen.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need pelvic floor muscle training?

ome women experience pelvic floor muscle weakness, and some have associated urine leaking for different reasons. Commonly, pregnancy and childbirth can cause some stretching of the perineum and specific retraining is required to regain muscle control. As you can’t see the pelvic floor muscles, it’s sometimes difficult to know if you’re doing your pelvic floor muscle exercises correctly. Seeing a specialist physiotherapist will provide you with good assessment, advice and the reassurance you need to keep you on the right track.

Can I bring a chaperone to my appointment?

We understand that you may feel more comfortable if you have the support of a friend or relative and you’re very welcome to have someone accompany you on your visit to us. However, if you would like someone else to be present but have no one you can bring, we do have a female member of staff at the clinic who is trained as a chaperone and who can sit in on the appointment

If I've had treatments for some time, will the treatment take longer?

The length of time you’ve been suffering with signs and symptoms doesn’t impact on the effectiveness of training exercises. Indeed, it’s never too late to see great results!

Are pelvic floor issues permanent?

Although these problems are common, they’re not normal and they don’t have to be permanent. They can all be treated with straightforward techniques, meaning no one should have to suffer with them for fear of discussing the subject.

Will I need to buy expensive equipment and apps?

There are many products available on the market to aid your pelvic floor retraining. Some women like to use them as an addition to support their exercises, but this isn’t a requirement and we teach techniques that need either no equipment at all, or minimum basic equipment.

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