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Elli Bajlozi - Physiotherapist

About Elli

I became a physiotherapist because I really wanted to improve peoples quality of life; and that’s what my profession allows me to do. I'm lucky to have helped many patients overcome injuries, from the wrist, to shoulder and the knee. This has also lead me to help patients that have undergone elective or trauma surgery. Post-operative patients are an absolute joy to treat, we develop a strong rapport through the journey and its just as much mental as it is physical. Giving that motivation to patients so they improve and get better is a great feeling.

I’ve worked within two NHS trusts, a rehabilitation unit and within acute medicine. Im am currently completing my masters degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine.


  • BSc in Physiotherapy - University of Medicine Tirana
  • Member of the Healthcare Professions Council
  • Dry needling

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