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Our London Team

Vishal Madhani

Vishal Madhani is the owner of West 1 Health and Pilates and a senior physiotherapist in the clinic...

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Athena Giralea

Athena uses a unique and research based approach in her cosmetic acupuncture treatments to.....

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Rocco Profeta

Rocco Profeta is a structural Osteopath with a deep interest in treating all spine related injuries, including neck...

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Sports Physio
Sangi Patel

Sangi is one of West 1 Health’s specialist sports physiotherapists.....

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Practice Manager
Mandy Malka

Mandy is in charge of the finer operations at the clinic. She ensures all our patients are taken care of...

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Operations Manager
Anna Brink

Anna supports both patients and colleagues ensuring each individual has a smooth experience.

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Lower Limb Physio
Lucia Cece

Lucia’s treatment modalities include soft tissue work, joint mobilisations, pain management and pacing advice.

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Fully registered and accredited

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World class physiotherapy in London near Harley Street

Let’s cut to the chase: you’re here because you’ve got a problem and you need an experienced physiotherapist to get it sorted as quickly and effectively as possible and with the minimum fuss.

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You might be in constant pain, you might be recovering from or you might just have restricted movement that’s developed over time and is stopping you from getting on and doing the things you want to do.

Book a consultation at our London physio clinic and we’ll give you a glimpse of a pain-free future.

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Fully registered Osteopathy at West 1 Health, helping you get better faster

Osteopathy tend to focus more on spinal issues such neck and back pain - but we are trained to see all joints. Both physio and osteopathy are effective, but the goal is simply the same - to get you better.

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Read reviews from our physio patients

Our team of London physios produce 7300+ full recoveries every year.

We work closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians and GPs in Central London providing physiotherapy treatments that complement any clinical care you may be receiving.

Yellow review star
5.0 out of 5.0
5 yellow star review

I highly recommend Rocco Profeta, he managed to resolve shoulder pain  through a combination of massage and acupuncture. Rocco is very skilled and professional.Very nice and friendly team as well!

Mihaela Giurca
Physio patient
5 yellow star review

Vishal and the team were great, helped me with my lower back and hip issue. Some exercises to do at home and 2 follow up sessions and I was back in the gym training again.

Digby Summerhill
Physio patient
5 yellow star review

Vishal was able to successfully help me with back issues that have been plaguing me for a long time and where others weren’t able to do anything. I can recommend anyone in need of physiotherapy to come here.

Phil B
Physio patient
5 yellow star review

I strongly recommend West 1 Health. Very professional and nice people. It’s the second time I have been there for a running injury and I've had a very quick recovery.

Quentin Vien
Physio patient

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Assessment & diagnosis

Before starting treatment, we complete a full assessment and accurate diagnosis to understand all the details of your injury

Develop treatment plan

Based on your diagnosis we design a treatment plan customised to your unique injury, rapidly speeding up your recovery time.

Begin your first treatment

We carry out a bespoke treatment based on your treatment plan . This can include manual therapy, exercises and more.


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Physiotherapy knowledge hub

Need questions answered?

Can’t see your question answered? Drop us a message and we’ll answer it promptly.

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How much does a physiotherapy session cost in London?

For your first session, the cost will be £115. Here you will get a firm diagnosis of your injury. You’ll understand a guide time frame for your recovery and we will provide you with a treatment plan of what each session will entail. Within that session you’ll receive your first treatment, so you’ll leave feeling better. Your follow up session is £82 and we get stuck into treatment straight away.

How long does a physiotherapy session last?

Your first session is 45mins and your follow up is 30mins. We do also offer 60min sessions in the clinic, should you need.

How quickly does physiotherapy work?

Getting results from physio all depends on the extent of your injury and severity of your symptoms. Your recovery has many variables, we try to highlight these and address them head on. You will be given a prognosis after your first session, so at all times you will be aware of a time frame of recovery.

How do you know if you need physical therapy?

It isn’t always obvious that you need physiotherapy. Especially if you haven’t seen a physio before. So how do you know you need it? Did Google tell me? Did my friend mention I should go? Or did your GP refer you?

Where in London is your physiotherapy clinic?

Our clinic is based at 4 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 2BG. Getting here is easy, our nearest tube stations: Regent’s Park, Great Portland Street, Bond Street and Oxford Circus. Nearest Mainline Stations: Marylebone & Euston.

What should I expect at my first physical therapy session?

On your first session of physical therapy you meet your physiotherapist who will ask you a few questions, their aim is to understand what has potentially caused your injury. These questions will guide the next part of the assessment where we assess the injured part of the body and provide you with a diagnosis. The first session will end with treatment, so you leave feeling better and fully understand the treatment plan.

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