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Workstation assessments in London that boost your workplace performance

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Ergonomic workstation assessments in London

Every day, millions of us run the risk of living life in chronic pain. Not through demanding sports and hobbies like rugby or horse riding, but simply by going to work and sitting down at a computer for hours at a time.

How our working environment is set up plays a massive part in our physical health – so much so that workstation assessments and solutions are now a Health and Safety requirement for all employers in the UK. Can you support your staff in managing problems when they occur?

Risk assessment for dse and vdu in the workplace

Support your staff with workplace assessments

By making sure your people have an ergonomic workstation arrangement and by ensuring your HR policies and advice are educational and designed to prevent pain and injury in the workplace, you’ll be taking a giant step towards creating a happy workforce that feels supported and valued.

At West 1 Health, we offer a specialised ergonomic workstation assessment service in London and the surrounding areas for companies who want to get the best out of their employees.

We are ideally located for Marylebone, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street and Euston.

Workstation and DSE assessment services

West 1 Health provides cost-effective DSE and workstation assessments by trained & experienced assessors that reduce employee absenteeism and bring out the potential in your employees, all while achieving HSE (DSE) compliance. We work with organisations all over London and the UK assess their employees’ workstations at home, in an office or working remotely, ensuring a happy and productive working environment.

Online DSE assessments

Our online assessment software makes it easy to conduct an assessment. Employees are given tailored training and complete a self-assessment.

In-person DSE assessments in London

Our team of ergonomic specialists will visit your workplace and carry out a full audit and review of your workplace. This includes workplace recommendations and optimisations, instant ergonomic adjustments and a full report of the completed DSE assessment.

Virtual DSE assessments

Using a combination of photos, measurements and a video call, our virtual assessments provide in-depth advice without the case-to-face visit.

Companies we work with

Workplace dse assessments in London for large businesses

Why work with West 1 for your DSE assessment?

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We'll guarantee you comply with all health & safety (DSE) regulations
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Help eliminate work-related absenteeism with individually tailored ergonomic assessments
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Boost employee productivity & retention with optimised workstations

Are your workstations affecting performance?

Did you know an empty desk can cost an employer at least £50,000 per year... Hundreds of companies suffer from work-related sick days and it is costing £1000s. Are you sensing a lack of energy and low level of productivity in the workplace. Does the following sound familiar?

  • Constantly up & down on coffee breaks - Always up and down for coffee breaks, doing everything to get away from their desk
  • Pretending to be busy - Slouching in their chairs, staring meaninglessly at their computer
  • Regularly tilting their necks - Carrying out make shift stretch routines for their next & back
  • Empty Desks - You regularly see an empty desks and the number of sick days being taken seems to be increasing

Included in our on-site workstation assessment:

  • Full on-site DSE assessment
  • Pre-screening of workplace environment
  • Detailed employee questionnaire
  • Instant ergonomic adjustments for staff members
  • Workplace recommendations and optimisations
  • Full report of completed DSE assessment
  • Follow up physiotherapy sessions (if required)

Making even small changes in where office equipment is positioned or how people sit can have a significant positive effect on the health of muscles and joints. But there are other benefits, too.

Better ergonomics in the workplace, particularly with regard to lighting, can also improve emotional wellbeing. And, of course, if your employees are happier and healthier, they’ll be more productive – meaning your company will have fewer days lost to sickness and better overall productivity.

Helping your employees become happier and healthier

A simple ergonomic workstation assessment may be all that’s needed to avoid issues like repetitive strain injuries (RSI), absenteeism and avoidable neck and back pain. To find out how West 1 Health can help your firm, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk to you in more detail about our service.

Workstation Assessment FAQs

What is an ergonomic / workstation assessment?

An Ergonomic assessment brings together the medical knowledge of a qualified physiotherapist and their specialism and understanding of a working or office environment. This allows the user to benefit by having a fully adjusted workstation which will benefit them anatomically, through a better sitting or standing posture. In addition it will be adjusted to address any symptoms they may have, such as back pain or neck pain.

How much does an ergonomic assessment cost?

An Ergonomic assessment costs £130 per assessment.

Does this price change if I book more assessments?

Should you need more than one assessment for your team, we do offer bulk rates. Please give us a call to enquire.

What is included in an Ergonomic assessment?

All our DSE Assessments will include: A site visit, full adjustment of the workstation to suit the users requirements, addressing adjustments of the working environment to suit any ailments that the user may have. Providing recommendations or advice and a shopping list for the user should they need it. The whole assessment is documented on a report and sent via email.

Are DSE assessments a legal requirement?

With larger companies, it is the employer's responsibility to provide a DSE assessment.

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