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Muscle imbalance screening in London helping your muscles and joints work in harmony

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Muscle imbalance screening London

Imagine you’re training for a big sporting event – maybe a marathon or a long-distance cycle ride. Or maybe you’ve just decided it’s time to get fit and you’re planning on some long-term exercise which could prove to be intensive.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way of being able to scientifically reduce the risk of injury?

Muscle imbalance assessment in London physio clinic

Helping to increase your flexibility and physique

At our London clinic near Harley Street, we’ve developed a precise and comprehensive screening tool, which uses tests, observed activity and technology to detect muscle imbalance in the body.

When a joint is incorrectly aligned, the performance of the muscles that are designed to protect it become compromised and as a result they weaken and become overloaded. This is the point at which you become prone to injury and pain.

By observing the way your joints move through their normal functional range, we can offer training advice, guidance and exercises that will help you to change the way you train, reduce the stress you put on vulnerable parts of your body and prevent the injury and pain that forces you to stop doing what you’re doing.

Benefits of muscle imbalance screening

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Find out specifically where you have muscle weakness
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Understand what to do to correct your physical behaviour and address the problem
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Guaranteed to improve your performance at work or in sport

Reduce your risk of injury

Muscle Imbalance Screening is also useful for work-related performance, whether your job is sedentary or labour-intensive.

Our Muscle Imbalance Screening service is conveniently located for Marylebone, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street and Euston.

Frequently asked questions

What is a muscle imbalance screening assessment?

A muscle imbalance screen is an in depth assessment that endeavours to find out any discrepancies in strength or length within certain groups of muscles. These discrepancies can cause pain or functional limitations.

How do you test for muscle imbalance?

We test for imbalances using specific screening. These could include muscle strength testing, looking at joint movement limitations, the muscle length around a joint, and also the muscle control.

How much does muscle imbalances screening cost?

A muscles imbalance screen costs £92.

Who will carry out the muscle imbalance screening assessment?

Your assessment will be carried out by an experienced physio. All our physios are trained to find, assess and correct these imbalances.

Should I worry about muscle imbalances?

There is no need to worry about muscle imbalances. Firstly you are in the right place and you have made a conscious effort to read about your imbalance. As humans, we always have a dominant side. This in itself is a muscle imbalance.

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