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Physiotherapy in Soho helping relieve your pain quickly and preventing future injuries

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Soho physios getting you back to normal in no time

We all know just how difficult living in pain can be. It’s something most adults will suffer in their lifetime, and it’s something many of us take too long to get help for.

Feel like that’s you?

You’re in the right place. Our expert team of Soho physios are on hand to share the benefit of their years of training, and get you back to a normal, pain-free life as quickly as possible.

Book a treatment at our Soho clinic

At West 1 Health we offer a range of services which help you stop your pain in its tracks. We also think about your future wellness and happiness. Our range of services can help you tackle problems and pain, as well as offering solutions to help keep your body in tip top condition and prevent the problem from recurring.


This is our core service and is carried out by experts with years of experience. We get to know you, your body and your problem before recommending exercises and solutions to prevent the pain.

Pain management

Living a life of pain can stop you from doing all of the things you love. Our Soho pain management service helps you keep your pain at bay, now and in the future.


This traditional, natural technique is performed by experts to help you target the pain you’re feeling. Our acupuncture in Soho stops you feeling pain, and also helps to prevent it from recurring.

Sports Massage

Smooth out those muscle pains and sore points that come from exercise or simply going about your daily tasks. Our experts will give you a Soho sports massage that leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and ready to take on the world.

Muscle imbalance screening

This advanced technology helps you to understand why you may be feeling pain, problems with movement or any other little niggles in your body. It also helps us to understand potential problems and to gradually correct your posture, movement and body composition to prevent them from occurring.

How will you feel after visiting?

We’ve carefully chosen all of our expert physios, not just for their expertise and ability to get to the root of your problem. We choose our team members based on their love of people and their passion for helping you feel better.

We understand just how miserable a life of pain is. It can prevent you from eating, sleeping, working, relaxing, enjoying time with friends and just about anything else. It can impact your relationships and make you feel as if it’s all you talk about. It’s hard to find anyone who can understand what you’re going through and just how tough your situation is.

That’s where we come in.

West 1 Health is a haven for pain sufferers. We have a team of highly expert Soho physios who want to take the time to really understand your problem. We start by simply listening. This allows us to understand your lifestyle, address some of the subtler causes of your issue and really get to know you so we can recommend realistic treatments.

Next, we go through physical tests which help us understand your body composition and the real causes of the pain.

We finish by recommending a course of treatment which will have you feeling better as soon as possible. And we don’t just want to help you now. We want to help you into the future as well. All of our plans are highly personalised to help you stick to them, fit them into your lifestyle and feel the maximum impact on your pain relief.

Contact our expert team and get back to your happy self in no time.

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