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Looking for a Mayfair physio?

You’ve come to the right place. Our expert team of physios in Mayfair are here for you.

Suffering from any pain – whether it’s for a day or years – is something almost every UK adult faces at some point in their lives. It’s easy to minimise the pain and put off treatment for a later date, but stopping yourself from living your life to the fullest can see you waste years not feeling your best self.

That’s where West 1 Health in Mayfair comes in.

We understand just how debilitating pain can be. Whether it’s in your lower back, a joint or it moves around your body, it can feel like you’re putting your life on hold. Pain stops you from doing the things you love, like enjoying time with friends and family, doing the work you love, exercising and working on your body, or simply taking a walk. It can also stop you from enjoying everyday activities like eating properly, sleeping and simply moving around.

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Our physios in Mayfair are experts in their field. We take the time to understand your problem and recommend a treatment to deal with your pain. We also understand that your condition may be complex and could benefit from a range of treatments to help. We aim to offer a holistic physiotherapy service in Mayfair, which includes a full range of complementary services.


Physio the backbone of what we do. It requires years of training and hands-on practice to really understand the human body and how to solve its problems. Our carefully chosen team of expert Mayfair physios are here to help you get to the root of the problem, manage it and prevent it from recurring.

Pain management

Some conditions are hard to treat, or may require more physiotherapy sessions than others. If we’re unable to eliminate a problem immediately, our pain management team can help you reduce the pain and live with minimal interruptions.


Acupuncture uses natural methods to reduce pain and suffering in the body. After just a few sessions our Mayfair acupuncture service can help you feel better in yourself and be ready to take on some new challenges.

Sports Massage

Our sports massage specialists in Mayfair allow you to remove those pains, aches and annoying niggles. These can be caused by exercise, as well as simply going about your daily schedule. Aches from things like carrying children, too much walking or incorrect posture when sitting at a desk can all be improved with a sports massage.

Muscle imbalance screening

Muscle imbalance screening helps us to understand your body composition, weak areas and pain points using advanced technology. We’ll carefully take the time to go through the results with you and create a plan to remove pain or prevent it from occurring in the future.

Clinical Pilates

Clinic pilates in Mayfair is a fantastic way to try a low impact exercise which tones, strengthens and stretches your muscles – Pilates promotes lifelong health with soft movements.

How will I feel after visiting the Mayfair physio clinic?

After a session with our physios in Mayfair you can expect to feel ready to take on the world and kick your pain for good.

Living with pain can make you miserable. It can feel as if you’ve put your life on hold and are no longer enjoying all of the things you used to love. Some of our patients feel they are putting their loved ones under pressure by asking them to take on their responsibilities and constantly talking about their pain.

That’s where we come in.

Our expert physios are people lovers who want to help you solve your pain problems as quickly as possible. We begin our process by really listening to your worries and problems, understanding your lifestyle and picking up any key details which could be relevant. Next, we physically test your body to see where the pain may be coming from and understand which areas are under strain. We finish with a clear plan to help you deal with the pain and prevent it from recurring in the future.

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