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Reformer Pilates in London that gets you back to life fitter and stronger so your injury doesn't return

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Reformer Pilates

These days it seems like you can’t move for the glut of Pilates classes that have sprung up in community centres and church halls around the UK.

Recreational Pilates is a brilliant way of keeping your joints and muscles generally fit. Reformer Pilates, which is what we provide here at West 1 Health in London – is designed to improve muscle and joint health as part of a pain or injury treatment plan.

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Helping you to improve your posture

Pilates is great for strengthening the core muscle groups that can help keep you free from pain and injury. And if you’re a guy, can we just take a moment to debunk a common myth? Don’t be deceived by all the images of women in tights and leotards that seem to make up most of the promotional material around Pilates. It’s great for the boys, too.

A system of comprehensive and safe exercises that concentrate on the deep stability muscles in the body, Pilates has a significant positive effect on posture, flexibility, toning and injury prevention.

Benefits of Reformer pilates

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Effective in developing a strong and active core
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Great at improving your posture, flexibility and co-ordination
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Successful in aiding recovery from injury especially lower back and spinal pain.
Comprehensive and safe method of recovery

In the comfort of our consulting rooms near Harley Street London, ideally located for Marylebone, Oxford Circus, Regent Street and Euston, our physiotherapists will take you through low-impact and low repetition exercises. These engage in precisely the right way all of the muscles, joints and tissues in the body – what we call the musculoskeletal body.

As they become active and, most importantly, stronger, existing pain is often reduced.

Depending on your injury, our physiotherapists often combine Pilates with physiotherapy and this can have great results in aiding recovery.

Reformer pilates FAQs

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How many times a week should you do reformer Pilates

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