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Physiotherapy in Oxford Street that treat your injury quickly and effectively

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Looking for a physio in Oxford Street?

Our team of physiotherapists in Oxford Street will get you back to your normal, happy self.

Living with constant pain is one of the worst situations we can face. We often take our health and bodies for granted, and they should be an incredible tool to help us achieve our goals, feel great and take us wherever we want to go. But when we’re living in pain, we often find ourselves tired, frustrated and miserable. Pain can stop us from living the life we want, doing the work we love, spending time with the people we love and even carrying out everyday activities.

That’s where West 1 Health's Oxford Street team comes in.

We’re a highly trained team of caring people who want to take the time to get to know how your pain is impacting your life. We let you talk and tell us your problems, before carrying out physical tests and drawing on years of expertise to diagnose the problem. Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll carefully create a tailored plan to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We don’t just address the pain you’re feeling, we also create a plan, based on your lifestyle and your own unique issues, to prevent the pain from recurring.

The sooner you book a call, the sooner we’ll have you back to your happy self

Treatments available at the Oxford Street clinic


Our core service, which deals with the root cause of your pain.

Pain management services

Some conditions cannot be cured, but we help you live as painlessly as possible.


This natural treatment provides long-lasting pain relief.

Sports massages

Ideal if you want those little tweaks to get you back to full performance.

Muscle imbalance screening

Find the cause of a problem, or prevent it from even happening.

Clinical Pilates

Low impact exercise to keep you at your fittest.


How will I feel after visiting?

After treatment with our Oxford Street physios you’ll feel like a new person. Instead of going through your everyday life constantly thinking about the pain you’re feeling and the things you can no longer do, you’ll be full of positivity. You can expect to feel some pain relief after your first session, and things will only improve from there.

We carefully create our plans to suit each individual patient and help you with your unique problem. After a couple of sessions you’ll be well on your way back to full health.

We think about the future as well. We love our patients, but we don’t want to see them often if we can help it. Once a pain issue has been resolved, we’ll send you on your way with exercises, techniques and strategies you can easily stick to to prevent the pain from returning. We also have a range of helpful services, like sports massages and physiotherapy that will keep your body in tip top shape.

Get in touch with West 1 Physio

Take the first step in your recovery by contacting us. We'll speak with you to discuss treatment options and help you book your first appointment for your full diagnosis, recovery plan and treatment.

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