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Physiotherapy Services Established on Harley Street

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Combining knowledge and science to get you back to full health

Our physio clinic is based near Harley Street at 4 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 2BG. There is nothing worse than living in pain. From preventing you from picking up your little ones, to not being able to sleep, work or even move, life with chronic pain can be extremely difficult. It can cause you to feel alienated from your loved ones, who are tired of hearing about your pain, or can no longer support you and help with activities which used to come easily.

That’s what West 1 Health is here for. Our central location in Harley Street makes it easier than ever to receive treatment for your pain and prevent recurrences of your issues. Whether you’re a sports lover who’s working in the city, or you simply want to be treated by the top physiotherapists in Harley Street, we have you covered in our central practice.

Clients leave our practice feeling listened to and ready to get back to their preferred lifestyle.

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After your first session with one of our Harley Street physiotherapists, you can expect to feel as though a burden has been lifted. Where your friends and family may have become tired of your, understandable, complaining about your pain, we’ll take the time to sit, listen and come up with a solution.

Where you may be struggling to carry on with daily activities, feeling like a burden on your colleagues, friends and family, we’ll help you get back to your old self as soon as possible.

And where you may be struggling to find the energy to even get out of bed, we’ll help you reduce, manage or cure your pain so you can go back to living life to the fullest.

Why choose West 1 Health established in Harley Street?

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We're a team of experienced physio specialists
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We provide an accurate diagnosis to treat your problem
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All patients receive a custom treatment & recovery plan

Delivering proven treatments for your recovery

The physio treatments we offer at West 1 Health are evidence-based. In other words, they’re proven to work. More than that, we focus on coaching our patients so they understand what’s gone wrong – and why – and how they can help their own healing. We also work closely with health practitioners, who refer cases to us knowing we offer a highly professional specialist service.

The ability to combine all this knowledge, science and experience into tailor-made treatment means we not only get the satisfaction of seeing happy, pain-free patients, but also a successful physiotherapy clinic. It’s win-win all round.

Our clinic is based in Harley Street and is conveniently located for Marylebone, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street and Euston.

After leaving our Harley Street physio practice you can expect to feel like your condition is under control. Our top physiotherapists will accurately diagnose your problems before designing a recovery and prevention plan to have you back to normal life as soon as possible.

We understand the suffering of being in constant pain, and our priority is getting you back to health.

Physiotherapy FAQs

How much does a physiotherapy session cost in Harley Street, London?

For your first session on Harley Street, the cost will be £115. Here you will get a firm diagnosis of your injury. You’ll understand a guide time frame for your recovery and we will provide you with a treatment plan of what each session will entail. Within that session you’ll receive your first treatment, so you’ll leave feeling better. Your follow up session is £82 and we get stuck into treatment straight away.

How long does a physiotherapy session last?

Your first session is 45mins and your follow up is 30mins. We do also offer 60min sessions in the Harley Street clinic, should you need.

How quickly does physiotherapy work?

Getting results from physio all depends on the extent of your injury and severity of your symptoms. Your recovery has many variables, we try to highlight these and address them head on. You will be given a prognosis after your first session, so at all times you will be aware of a time frame of recovery.

How do you know if you need physical therapy?

It isn’t always obvious that you need physiotherapy. Especially if you haven’t seen a physio before. So how do you know you need it? Did Google tell me? Did my friend mention I should go? Or did your GP refer you?

What should I expect at my first physical therapy session?

On your first session of physical therapy you meet your physiotherapist who will ask you a few questions, their aim is to understand what has potentially caused your injury. These questions will guide the next part of the assessment where we assess the injured part of the body and provide you with a diagnosis. The first session will end with treatment, so you leave feeling better and fully understand the treatment plan.

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