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Sports massage in London that gets you back on your game on and off the field

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Sports massage near Harley Street London

We do love our sport, don’t we? The trouble is, our sport doesn’t always love us back. Sometimes, it bites us and leaves us nursing a painful injury that not only stops us from playing, but also limits our ability to do the other things we need to do.

In acute cases, those injuries might mean you’re seeing us for physiotherapy. But our sport massage sessions offered at our Harley Street clinic are brilliant for the active individual who’s suffering from the aches and pains that can often affect the body’s muscles, ligaments and tissue.

sports therapy and massage harley street, London

Effective treatments that help you recover faster

These treatments are really effective because they’re not just designed to get you back into the action faster, they also promote long-term changes in the way your body operates – helping to reduce injury-proneness.

Sport is great. It keeps you fit and active. But the downside is that a lot of the sport we play is demanding, encourages poor movement habits and repetitive motion – and as anyone who’s had a repetitive strain injury will testify, the body’s not keen on much repetitive movement beyond breathing!

How can sports massage can help you?

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Enhances the healing process for your injured or fatigued joints and muscles
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Great for improving in sporting or functional performance
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Proven to increase circulation and blood flow to damaged areas

Sports massage that improves your wellbeing

And you don’t have to be playing sport to benefit from our sports massage treatment. The stress of many office jobs in London can have a significant adverse effect on the body. Being slumped over a computer, or clicking a mouse all day can also promote poor posture and the pain that can bring.

If you live or work in the Marylebone, Regent Street, Oxford Circus or Great Portland Street area, our sports massage clinic is convenient and easy to get to.

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