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Looking for osteopathy in London? Get an accurate diagnosis & hands-on treatment from an experienced osteopath. We have same day appointments available with treatments starting from £82.
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Your first visit to West 1 Osteopathic Practice

We help relieve your pain quickly so you can stay free from painkillers, avoid surgery and future injuries. Here's what your first visit looks like:

  • Movement Analysis - From our head osteopath Rocco Profeta
  • Accurate Diagnosis - Explaining your injury and cause
  • Hands-on Treatment - Relieve any immediate paint and symptoms
  • Follow-up Report - Outlining your recovery programme and timeframes
Treatments from £82
GOC Registered Clinic
Same day appointments
Medical insurance accepted
Custom treatment plans
Accurate injury diagnosis

We understand, assess & then begin treatment

We start with a full case history to establish a clear understanding of what happened and why you are in pain. We then do an assessment of your individual biomechanics.

Next, we examine your gait and posture, and palpate the area around the injury to establish an understanding of the full condition. The unique system of diagnosis and treatment of Osteopathy lies in our understanding of that makes the body work from a structural viewpoint, and to re-establish balance and pain free function.


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Meet Rocco Profeta, Head Osteopath

Rocco is a registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOC) with a specialist interest in treating all spine related injuries, including neck and lower back issues. He completed his Integrated Masters degree at the University College of Osteopathy, which further developed his understanding of Spinal conditions.

He has the ability to accurately diagnose your injury and explain it to you, so you can understand the process behind your recovery. He will talk you through a treatment and management plan for the most common musculoskeletal injuries that can affect not only the spine but every joint in the body.

Areas of expertise include: Back pain, sciatica, neck pain, joint pain & arthritis and sports injuries.

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Assessment & diagnosis

Before starting treatment, we complete a full assessment and accurate diagnosis to understand all the details of your injury.

Develop treatment plan

Based on your diagnosis we design an osteopathy treatment plan customised to your unique injury, rapidly speeding up your recovery time.

Begin your first treatment

We carry out a bespoke treatment based on your treatment plan. This can include manual therapy, exercises and more.


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Read ratings of our satisfied clients

Our team of London physios produce 7300+ full recoveries every year.

We work closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians and GPs in Central London providing physiotherapy treatments that complement any clinical care you may be receiving.

5.0 out of 5.0

I've been working recently with Rocco Profeta (a brilliant Osteopath). He's been nothing but encouraging and optimistic; empowering me to take control of my own healing process. Rocco's approach to Osteopathy has made treatment for my recent hip replacement a pleasant experience.

C Nelson
Osteopathy Patient

Amazing, warm and friendly service from West 1. The team have worked really hard to try and support me with my problem. Rocco Profeta the Osteopath has been particularly helpful! Would definitely recommend West 1.

Hydey L
Osteopathy Patient

Rocco and Vishal were great, they helped me through in and through out at every moment of my recovery. They not only work to get you back to your former self, but they work to make you better than you ever were, both physically and mentally. I have achieved close to full recovery in a very short time, thanks to them.

Bala Fattah
Osteopathy & Physio Patient

I highly recommend Rocco Profeta, he managed to resolve shoulder pain through a combination of massage and acupuncture. Rocco is very skilled and professional. Very nice and friendly team as well!

Mihaela Giurca
Osteopathy Patient

Your osteopathy questions answered

Can’t see your question answered? Drop us a message and we’ll answer it promptly.

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If I see an Osteopath, what can I expect from the session?

Depending on your presenting complaint, an Osteopath will take a full detailed medical history and will ask about your lifestyle to evaluate causes, or any predisposing factors that are causing your symptoms. A full physical examination and orthopaedic testing will be performed to identify and confirm the pain generating structures. After the physical examination your Osteopath will explain his/her findings and discuss treatment and management options before delivering the treatment. The treatment is always delivered after both patient and practitioner have discussed any risk and/or benefits associated with the treatment of choice. Also, discussing the alternatives available to the patient to allow maximum transparency. Most common treatment options: Joint articulation/manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, medical Acupuncture, exercises or a combination of the above.

If I am not comfortable with any of the treatment options and I still need help what will the Osteopath do?

If I am not comfortable with any of the treatment options and I still need help what will the Osteopath do? For us, you are the most important person in the room. When it comes to health, we understand that everyone has a different preference, belief or simply be contraindicated for certain treatment option. An Osteopath will never force those treatment options on you but instead will take the time to understand your story, assess your case and direct you the correct health care practitioner. We work very closely with a wide network of specialised consultant in Central London. This will save you time and stress. We literally have your back!

What’s the difference between Chiropractor and Osteopath?

They both share similar techniques when it comes to manipulation of the joints. However, they have a different philosophy. Chiropractic believe that your nervous system is at the centre of your health and via focusing on the alignment of the spine health can be improved. Osteopathy looks at the body as a whole and does not focus necessarily solely on the spine but how all the joints work together. An Osteopath traditionally incorporate more soft tissue release technique to target inflamed muscle and treat other area of the body that can impact your recovery. Additionally, the prescription of take-home exercises and rehabilitation is used to give you full control over your health and take an active part to your recovery.

What is the difference between a Cranial Sacral and Structural Osteopathy?

Structural Osteopathy is based on modern training where muscle and joint are treated with a variety of hands-on techniques. This involved stretching, joint articulation and manipulation that can help with injuries, joints, muscular pain or simply to sustain healthy body function. Osteopaths often use exercises prescription as part of their holistic approach. This particular approach is what we offer at West 1 Physiotherapy. Cranial Sacral Osteopathy is based on a gentle application of pressure to the bones of the skull. This is believed to affect the dynamic of the cerebral fluid within the cranium. The pressure applied is minimal and is focus on the harmonic movements of the bone of the skull or to the sacral area (a large triangular bone at the base of your lower back). The concept of cranial/sacral therapy is also based on stimulating your parasympathetic system that often is affected by high level of stress. Some people find real benefits from this particular approach.

Will the treatment be painful?

The treatment options that we offer aim to alleviate the pain and not cause more. Despite our best intentions, occasionally some soreness can be developed from our treatment. It is all normal part of your body response to the healing processes. Pain is not always an indicator of damage. It can be a sign of your immune system reacting while attempting to heal the injured tissues.