How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost In London?


How Much Is Physio & Why Spending More Can Make All The Difference

In Britain, we like to think of ourselves as savvy shoppers. We’re a nation that’s careful with our money, so when we’re spending our hard-earned cash - whether that’s buying groceries, booking tickets or paying for a service - we like to find the best possible deals.

In many cases, frugality goes a long way and you can save hundreds of pounds annually but in other cases, you really do ‘get what you pay for’ and physiotherapy is no exception.

If you'd like to explore more of our insights on picking a physio, check out our Choosing the Right Physiotherapist blog for a 6 Step guide focussing on the wider considerations.

When searching for physiotherapists, it can often be tempting to look for and book the cheapest option possible in an effort to save some money but consider this - if you needed to see a surgeon, you wouldn’t book the cheapest. You’d pick the person who came highly-recommended and had the expertise in the field that applied to you to ensure you’re well taken care of and recovery is smooth. So, as a practice that sets out to aid recovery in the case of injury, illness and disability, why wouldn’t you want to spend a little more to get the best possible treatment from your physiotherapist.

The cost of physiotherapy in London varies from clinic to clinic, often we have patients come to us regretting spending thousands on what was meant to be cheap treatment, rather than just coming to us in the first place - and we don’t want that to be you!

If you'd like to take a moment to review West 1 Health's Pricing, please do so.

Sometimes, what can seem like an inexpensive ‘quick fix’ can mean you need far more appointments and, ultimately, spend far more money trying to solve the problem than if you’d just spent a little more from the outset for treatment from someone with the right skill set to help you on the road to recovery. 

Physiotherapist treating an ankle injury

While there’s no ‘set rate’ that defines the quality of a physiotherapist, be mindful that there’s probably a reason someone’s offering significantly cheaper prices than competitors in your area. So read reviews and ask yourself whether you’ll be getting top-quality treatment to gauge whether it’s worth cutting costs.

In our opinion, a good physiotherapist should be able to offer:

  • Specific insight into what’s causing you pain or discomfort that identifies how your lifestyle impacts the issue
  • Appointments that include techniques such as deep tissue massage, acupuncture and taping to help secure the injured joints. ‍
  • Simple solutions to alleviate pain in the short-term and a longer-term recovery plan 
  • Exercises and stretches to help improve mobility and ease the pain
  • Professional but personable advice 
  • A comfortable environment

At West 1, we offer all of the above, and focus on coaching our patients so they understand what’s gone wrong – and why – and how they can help their own healing. We also work closely with health practitioners, who refer cases to us knowing we offer a highly professional specialist service. If you'd like a more detailed breakdown on why we might be a good fit for you, check out our 7 Reasons Why You Should Pick West 1 Physio blog.

Physio Prices At West 1

Of course, costs are also subject to your individual condition and your needs but when you book an initial assessment with us, we can give you guidance. This first session will cost £115 and includes:

  • Meeting your physiotherapist for a physical assessment of the injured body part 
  • A firm diagnosis of your injury
  • A recovery timeline and treatment plan outlining what each session will entail
  • Your first treatment so you leave feeling better and on the road to recovery

Your follow up session then costs £82 and we get stuck into treatment straight away. Depending on the number of sessions you need, we also have physio packages available for 5x and 10x sessions.

What to do if you’re still concerned about cost:

Whether you’re coming to West 1 or exploring another physiotherapist closer to home, know that there are always options if cost is a concern.

  1. Contact the practice to confirm exactly what’s included within the cost. As you’ll see from our initial appointment overview above, sometimes a thorough breakdown can help outline the service and level of treatment you’ll be getting which, in turn, may help justify spending a little more.
  2. If the cost is a bit out of your range, speak to the practice about payment plans or potential work-around that fit your budget.
  3. Book in for an initial assessment or consultation as this will help give an indication of whether the cost is justified, as well as help you gauge whether a physio is the right for you and your needs before you commit to a treatment plan. It is so important that both the practice and practitioner feel right for you, and that you’re committing to a service you feel comfortable with and trust. 
  4. Read reviews and make comparisons against other local providers to give you an indication of where the price sits against other reputable physiotherapists. 

The main thing to take away is that it’s always better to invest a little bit more in good-quality physiotherapy that will look after your body, help you effectively relieve pain and support your joints for the long-term. Follow this blog up with our 6 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Physiotherapist for further consideration when picking your physio.

If you’d like to talk to us about any element of our work, we’re always happy to welcome you in the clinic or speak with you over the phone prior to a visit. Just contact us to get in touch.

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