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Running gait analysis in London helping you to run better, stronger, faster and injury free

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Running Gait Analysis in London

Our Video Gait Analysis, available from our clinic located near Harley Street in the W1 area of London is a fantastic way of seeing for yourself how the way you walk and run might be leading you into a life of chronic pain.

We all have a picture in our heads of how we carry ourselves when we’re walking. The sad fact is that most of us don’t move as we imagine we do.

The difference between normal and faulty movement patterns

The first thing to remember is that the body’s joints and muscles are designed to work together in a particular and co-ordinated way. A bit like a well-oiled machine, they’re flexible enough to absorb the occasional glitch, but degenerate if the occasional ‘fault’ develops into habit.

Fault movement patterns occur when we employ the wrong muscles – or use the right muscles in the wrong way – over an extended period of time. This causes poor alignment of the joints they protect and the muscles become weakened and overburdened. This can often lead to injury and pain and a significant reduction in performance.

Benefits of a video gait analysis

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Gain an insight on your running pattern
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Helps you run more efficiently & prevents injury
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Develop a plan to help you become a stronger and more efficient runner.

About your running gait analysis

Working from our clinic in London, conveniently located for Marylebone, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street and Euston, our physiotherapists use high-speed digital equipment to record your recurrent movement patterns. We replay that to you in slow motion, highlighting frame-by-frame the instances of poor alignment or faulty technique that might cause future issues, explaining exactly what you’re looking at and what’s happening internally.

This will give you valuable insight into how you move and how you subconsciously recruit your muscles.

We develop your progressive exercise rehabilitation plan

Having analysed your gait and identified the problems it’s causing, we’ll provide you with a personalised and progressive exercise rehabilitation plan that will help you to first ‘re-learn’ the correct movement patterns and then achieve and maintain optimum muscle activity and control.

In cases where injury or pain is already evident, it may be that physiotherapy is advised. Your physiotherapist will talk that through with you.

The long term benefit

The long-term benefit of Video Gait Analysis is that faulty movement patterns that may lead to pain and discomfort can almost always be transformed into patterns that ensure joints are correctly aligned, performance is improved and the risk of injury is minimised.

Frequently asked questions

What are gait analysis used for?

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What happens during the gait analysis?

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How long does a gait analysis take?

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How much does gait analysis cost?

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Will a gait analysis improve my running performance?

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