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Hayley Evans - Physiotherapist

About Hayley

Hayley is physiotherapist from Sydney, and we all know how great, understanding, knowledgeable and awesome, Australian physios are!

She’s completed a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and a Master of Physiotherapy at The University of Technology Sydney. Hayley began her career as a physiotherapist working in a Sydney based private practice, the experience she gained was invaluable and this paved her future in combining physiotherapy and pilates. Using reformer pilates in rehabilitation has helped her patients improve their global strength and their flexibility.

Treating neck, shoulder and achilles pain, is her passion and she provides patient specific treatment plans with a focus on alleviating painful symptoms with hands on treatments and getting people back to doing what they enjoy most through specific movement and exercise.

Outside of work, Hayley enjoys being outdoors, playing football and touch rugby, travelling, chasing the sun, finding beautiful beaches and might even claim that she can surf too.

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