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Vina Panesar - Pilates Instructor

About Vina

Vina initially started her career as a PT training clients 1:1 & teaching group Core/Pilates classes. She decided to further her knowledge by studying for a BSc in Sports Exercise & Rehabilitation.

Following this she moved to Canada & worked with the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association. Vina was treating patients & teaching Pilates. Whilst working in Canada, she was inspired by the working style of osteopaths.

Upon her return to the UK, she decided to embark on an MSc Osteopathy degree. Vina has always utilised either Pilates and/or weights in a rehabilitation and exercise setting. She believes empowering clients with this knowledge is key to achieving their fitness goals.

Now, at West 1 Health, Vina is one of our leading Pilates Instructors. She helps assist our patients that are recovering from injury get strong through structured and specific reformer Pilates sessions.

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